Thursday, July 14, 2005

Posting about posting

O.K., I've wanted to write about why I boycott walmart, and I intend to eventually. However, that requires focused attention. So for now, I will write about writing about it. I want to put forth that I will continue to discuss such things. People call them political, and I don't imagine I could get away with saying they aren't. But, can we branch out from elementary school categorizing for the moment and just call it "lifestyle choices"? "preferences"? "the only way I can live with myself"?

I sometimes think about U.S. imperialism and greed. Is that political of me? Whatever. If one doesn't think about these things, but promotes them just the same, is that not politics? I'm asking.

We all have our opinions and situated knowledge. I will be posting about mine. Sometimes that will entail details of being "strung out on another man". Others days it will include whatever I am rightfully concerned about in terms of the state of the world.


michael said...

Right-wing conservative dickweeds love to come to blogs like yours. If you get political, be prepared for mud-wrestling. Blog On!

Lobster Blogster said...

I'm not sure that just thinking about things is political. I think you have to act to make something political. I suppose diseminating your ideas could be a polical act, but actions speak louder than words.

Anonymous said...

Dialogue is the essence of democracy, and therefore, talking about our reality and how we relate is a political act. Physical actions are, it seems to me, only political when coupled with the thought and dialogue that accompany them.
PS Nice blog, carrie!

Carrie said...

oh man, i'm sorry. i created an issue of semantics. thanks for feedback and dialogue.