Sunday, July 10, 2005

'Sup Jiggas?!

I thought I would execute a quality vs. quantity kind of blogging practice. But then I just avoided posting altogether, so...

I've been neither here nor there. Or rather, here AND there. I drove north to my hometown last weekend and defeatedly danced to live, local music. Defeated by the fact that my own music suffers stagnation, and the lead singer of the boogie-inducing band once wanted to engage in some kind of fist fight with me. She is a chihuahua, so there was no real threat.

I returned home thrilled to be packing for a 4 day camping trip, and headed BACK north. However, spirits dwindled. Among us depression abounds, precipitation reins, and agendas clash. Making for a sad Carebear. I have friends who struggle with depression and anxiety (you gots ta git in where you fit in), it's been gray and drizzly, and I have one of those best friends who are superb humans in every way but time management. All of this served up nicely with a dollop of uber compounded financial stress.


michael said...

I've had the good fortune of having bad weather on every day I've had off for the last two months. Go figure.

rohitramgiri said...

...... thought i would implement a quality vs. quantity kind of blogging practice..

write as U are......
the key word is U
philosophical eh!?

Anne Arkham said...

I was nearly attacked by a girl who was nine inches shorter than I and at least forty pounds lighter. She ran towards me, screaming curses at the top of her lungs, and stopped about two feet away.

I just looked at her.

She backed away.