Saturday, August 06, 2005

Brain Commandeered

Day 2 of the Devin Detox Diet is feeling a little empty. Argh! Must remember that my incentive is to avoid feelings worse than I am having now. It was dimwitted of me to make all these hifalutin plans with him, as they are now haunting me. Good bye Chris Rock video, good bye driving range, good bye banana cake, good bye hot tub, good bye hiking and camping in the Lost Coast; It was nice entertaining you. Ohh what a junkie I am for gorgeous eyes and full lips. Especially on someone who will let me near theirs. Some how this man simultaneously makes me want to practice my guitar in order to write new and fabulous songs, and NEVER. pick up. my guitar. again! His caliber of musicianship exists in another dimension than mine. Good bye Devin.


Applewhite said...


evercurious said...

sorry you are going through this. Of course, I've been there. Hang in there cause it will get better.

LtFlux said...

it'll get better. what you can do to help it all is make other, better plans with other people. it'll get your mind off of things. or you could drink heavily. that always helps me. =)