Thursday, September 15, 2005

What a Disaster

A while back I was creating a post about conflicts and whether I should personalize them, or how much conflict is reasonable to have in one's life. But right at that moment a conflict with blogger arose, so I gave you the eloquent, "I HAVE NEVER HATED BLOGGER MORE".

Then Monday, while writing an email to a friend about my day, I realized I should really be telling the story to my blog. But thus far it isn't possible to "cut" and "paste" herein, and I wasn't up for rewriting the whole blog damn thing.

Other than that, all I'm inspired to write about is this Red Cross undertaking. And I am concerned about becoming uninteresting and obsessive; thus no post since Monday. Nonetheless, with out going in to the whole story from the beginning (which may happen eventually, be warned) I think I may just pick up where we left off, or there abouts...

My friend Rich and I were told we would be leaving for the south Sunday or Monday, to do 3 weeks of shelter operations. Then we were told it would be Monday or Tuesday. Then Wednesday at the earliest.
Then, Wednesday, I got a call from Rich.

He told me that he went to the local office and they broke it to him that they were not sending anyone until the 23rd, due to booked flights. People are flying there from other organizations as well as independently. Well, the 23rd is a can't do situation. For either of us. He needs to get back to work, he has already missed a week or so. And I need to get back to a semester of school. It was a strange reality, after all the talking, deliberating, thinking, panicking, mind changing. I was letting that sink in, "Wow. So we're not going. Wow. Well, when did they find that out? Why didn't they call us? I guess I should call them. It's hard to believe after all this."

I explained my status, in addition to what Rich had told me, to a woman there in the office. She took my name and said she needed to call me back. I thought, "That was strange". I mean not sending anyone, is not sending anyone. Either flights are clogged or they aren't. Why would everything be so certainly jammed for Rich, but then they need to call me back? Hmm.

Rich called his boss, and they hadn't gotten a replacement yet. That was good. (Now, I could make this story really long if I were to give you every detail, and I trust that I am very tempted.)
After some switch board operating, I recieved and delivered the news that Rich and I had been deployed. Right then. "We just got the word from headquarters".


Soooooo...I think for now, I will leave it at that. Why am I still here you ask. Exactly.

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