Tuesday, November 22, 2005

I'm glad I live in Arcata, CA

It's a liberal "bubble". Or "bubble" is how I often hear people refer to it. One of the guys just voted on to the school board is 18, and another was in a punk band. There are lots of vegetarian options at restaurants. People walk or ride bikes, recycle, vote, care, try, think, eat organic, avoid t.v., do yoga. People understand me, or at least some of how I think, and where I'm coming from. In the post office yesterday there was blue grass playing, following something that sounded like, but was not, Tom Waits. Ordinances keep corporations out of city limits and protect law enforcement from having to follow through on patriot act, fucking bullshit orders. I am scared for the world, scared of this country. Of white sepremist capitalist patriarchy. And I often forget there is a world outside of Arcata CA. I think that is part of what makes life some what manageable for me.

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