Wednesday, February 15, 2006


This is a picture I took of Aria when she wasn't seven. But now she is. And I could not adore her much more. After all I've only known her for seven years. Happy Birthday sweet and wonderful girl. ~Love, Sister

(p.s. Aria is not actually my sister, but rather my best friend's daughter. Last summer they visited and we had all kinds of fun. I was told that as they were leaving she said, through tears, "Ooh...I'll miss Kewee. She's so funny and positive. She's like my sistow."


michael said...

I second the birthday wishes. Here's wishing I had an internet connection so I could update my blog; blech!

evercurious said...

You took that? It looks like a frickin' postcard or something! WOW!

Carrie said...

Mchl, Oh how I've awaited the update.

Thanks Tiff (^_^). Makes me want to be doing photography more actively.