Sunday, February 05, 2006

This is the People's Sunday, it Does NOT Belong to the superbowl

I was laying in the front yard, because it's sunny, doing some writing. There was audible talking and other noises coming from an apartment on my cul de sac. Eventually some guy yells, "COME ON BITCH!! Ahahahaaha!" I had no idea who he was talking to. Then he proceeds to yell, "COME ON NIGGER! Ahahahaha!!" Yeah, I'm not making this fucking shit up. No one leaves from there, or seems to be going anywhere really, so I estimate that he is not trying to encourage his girlfriend to be more hasty in getting her things together before they leave the apartment, or what have you. "Ahh..." I think, "superbowl Sunday." This must be superbowl related shouting. I already totally HATE football shouting, because my step dad seriously traumatized me with this exact same form of verbal abuse. But this guy?! This guy is SOOO gross! He went on to shout something or another with "nigger" in there, yet again.

Twelve minutes or so before all this, a man was walking through the neighborhood, and asked me if he could get to Alliance from my street? I told him I thought there was a fence in the way, but I wasn't sure, and he proceeded to find out that there was indeed a fence, meaning he would have to go back out and around. This man was black with graying dreads.

The yelling made me feel angry, sad, and powerless. I wrote an anonymous note, but as you can imagine, I didn't really know what to say. And I don't suppose it was very informative. But just in case he didn't know how disgusting he is, at least he will soon be privy to what the rest of us already know.

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