Thursday, March 16, 2006

(More from NOLA, New Year's Day...)

So I went to town last night after all, and had a great time. Good food and a few pictures, though I didn't want to look too touristy. Police in full effect. I'm glad I decided to go, even though I was a little tired today as a result. Sundays we run 1/2 the food, so that was good timing. Less destruction in the area I was in today, but that still means more destruction than I've even come close to seeing anywhere else ever. I went directly to the hot tub and then to dinner. I got things from the market so I can eat food that isn't potato chips. Yeay! Volunteers that aren't from Arcata, CA eat chicken, or whatever is being served on the ERV. I'm tired now, and will continue to be while I'm here, I'm sure. The work part is a lot like work. With bruises and sweat and all that. There's a guy named Chris, from New York, that I met in the airport. He has become my "Hey, how was your day and what are your dinner plans?" buddy, so that's cool. I guess that's enough for now. There are more stories as you can imagine, but I can't really think, and my computer time is limited so these blurbs will have to do. Big love to the Big Easy cuz they need our love folks. ~C

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