Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Yeah, I Know!!

It's been friggin' annoying me too. I was away for Spring Break and nary was there a computer that would let me post. The icon I needed just wouldn't present itself. I tried to get help and there was something about "cookies" and "settings", and it was all just so much more than I am equip to deal with.

Before I left I went to an anti-war march, and I don't know which annual it was, but first annual would have been horrific enough. People would say, "Last year we did
such and such, but the year before that the weather was all so forth and whatnot". What a crunk thing to have traditions building around. Although, I would like to have been more prepared. My sign would have read, "How can you be pro-life and pro-war?" Right, cause how can you? You can't my friend. One guy's sign, "I'm a Republican. Stop the war. Stop lying." was refreshing to see.

I made my way north to the ol' hometown. Saw kinfolk and friendfolk. Ate really elegant seasoned fries with Ranch dressing. Did you know Ranch dressing was invented in the 80's? Because I was on the phone with one of the someones that I discussed in my last post, while I was packing, I FORGOT to take the yarn that I have needed to return since I received it on Christmas,
and forgot my homework. Which do you suppose I grieved heavier?

Most of my time was spent north of "home", with Tessa (of the Tessa post, I don't know how to link you to my past posts. Stop making fun of me.) in Ashland, OR. I don't really know what we did. I think we ate. And it seems as though each time we did it cost the amount of money I desperately need to pay for the water that the city is threatening to stop pumping into the pipes of my home. Tessa was my benefactor. Who needs pride and integrity when you can trade it in for pad Thai or gorgonzola ravioli? Highlights: In one glorious day I sweat out my inner child in a sauna then plunged into natural spring waters. I completed Mira's fabulous, orange, uber soft, ribbed beanie. And I makelfrakin got by with a little help from my friend, Toots. Yes, I did go to Toots and the Maytals and it was as fucking divine as one could imagine. I feel truly blessed and inspired. And yes, I did dance on the stage, thank you. I'm cool. It's official. Living in the moment is so much easier, when the moment is filled with the live music of a legend. "If you don't want it, don't think it." Said the show's promoter. I don't want self doubt, insecurity, or feelings of inadequacy. I don't want poverty or procrastination. I don't want isolation. I want to be creative and active, both physically and politically. I want personal power and spiritual strength. I want balance and productivity. I want more live music. Thank you Toots. And every last one of your Maytals.

In all I did have a lovely time, despite my wallet being stolen from my purse. In my hometown there's a bar where I impromptued this sort of David Lynch style open-mic to a crowd of 7. (This number includes the bar tender.) I don't want to get into the whole stolen wallet thing too much right now, so we'll move on to another disappointment.

I was extremely interested in seeing The Coup live, my new favorites. They have a CD coming out in April that would sound really good on your car stereo. When I learned the show was free I was even more excited. But I discovered it was a CD "Listening Party". So, the CD plays while the artist mingles. Mingling is cool and it was going really well. I had every confidence that I would be kicking it with the MC after the event wrapped up, but some aggressive groupie bitches stole my Boots Riley! And while Tess and I got a piece of pizza out of the interaction, I hadn't taken any pictures cuz I figured the night was young yet. Suddenly he was swooped up, just like my wallet. And the emptiness and confusion was equally great.

Today it was painfully difficult to stay awake in class. Tessa's gone now and Mira's still in Florida. No financial aid check I'm afraid. Just over due bills and laundry I can't wash because my laundry card was in my wallet, where it belonged. So if you see me, and I smell, have mercy. I'm a little hungover from the whole thing. But I guess such is the nature of Spring Break. Debauchery
, debt, and penance. Just a tease of what summer could bring.

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Jen said...

Well, you have been busy! Sound like Ashland was fun. Know what you mean about financial stress and such. Hang in there. I love you, Chica.