Sunday, May 21, 2006


For whatever reason, while I was growing up, my mom called it a "coo". Hohynah, fajayjay, virginia, there are anyway number of ways to refer to the passion flower. A woman I know with Down's calls it her "china", for lack of being able to pronounce it any clearer.

As children my dear friend and her younger sister went horseback riding. While positioned together on the same horse, my friend got excited and had it galloping a little too quickly for her younger sister's comfort. Little sister responded, "Stop it, [friend's name]! You're jabbering my furjyna!"

Another friend of mine read a book about discussing such matters with youth. The author wrote about the importance of referring to body parts with their accurate names. In so doing some of the silly, squirmishness that often comes about, will be conditioned out of the person. Subsequently, her daughter called it a "bulba". I remember going to church with this same friend and her daughter. The congregation sang fervently about Jesus and his cross. How his blood ran on the cross, and more on the general importance of the cross. The sweet girl whispered to my friend, "Mamma, cross means bulba." And without hesitation, in perfect mother form, my friend replied, "No honey, that's crotch."

Yes, it's come to that time folks, the part in the blog where we share our collective knowledge. Carte blanche, what do you refer to your cookie as?


Jen said...

Nice try, Chica. It's a well kept secret. Notice we don't have as many euphemisms as we do for a man's penis? "Russel the Love Muscle" "Popeye the one-eyed sailor", "Big Pete" (I won't tell you whose that is) not to mention "throbbing manhood" and all that crap.
I wonder why they feel the need to name it?
Of course, I have a friend who named her vibrator so.....*shrugs*.

Anonymous said...

mine doesn't have a proper name. does that make it generic brand? not to be a prude or anything, but i would like to throw out there that it is amusing and less yucky (okay i am a prude) to name vehicles. why anyone would feel the need to do this is also a mystery, as is the case for so many things. i have a friend who has a car named Chachi. another has a car named Mr. Stubs. Vanna White. Nanna Boat. etc. i am having a hard time naming my car though, and i've been thinking on it. any ideas for a sky blue ford focus? is my exhausting search for the perfect name for my car proof that i have too much free time? that second question was rhetorical.

Carrie said...

Perry Como?

As in "periwinkle" and whatever "como" means in Spanish, which seems to be a lot accourding to

evercurious said...

My grandma always called it her puppy. I like na na and who who, but I don't use any of those names

Anonymous said...

yeah perry. i think refering to it as Winkle would be good too (car not coo). It sounds sort of equal parts periwinkle, twinkle, and wrinkle, and it seems to fit. thanks.