Friday, June 16, 2006


(More gratuitous non-capitalization herein.) I decided to boycott It's uncharitable, sense of entitlement author ripped me off, shamelessly. I realize we all influence and inspire one another, and some of that is flattering and kind of cute. But straight ripping people off is diabolical. This boycott will be about as effective as any of my boycotts, which is to say, NOT AT ALL. It will only serve to inconvenience me. Is that stubborn? Am I spiting Carrie? Please, elaborate...

My first boycott started at 16, when I learned that rush limbaugh owned a good deal of stock in snapple. I was an avid quencher of thirsts via peach tea, so this was a sacrifice. But I was willing to make it.

With the inspiration from my bitchin' friend Stefani, I started boycotting walmart several years ago. People often ask me why, but the list is so long I'll just link you to something.

Then, prior to the war starting, I attended a peace rally where I received a flyer urging me to boycott:
pepsi co.
kraft/phillip morris
and possibly some others. It said something to the effect of, "Boycott the war, boycott these companies. They contribute heavily to the bush administration." I was already boycotting walmart, and I had learned in high school that pepsi co. consisted of (at least) safeway, taco bell, kentucky fried chicken, pizza hut, and the obvious (and not so obvious) pepsi cola products. So I decided to take that one on. I've been boycotting pepsi co. since the beginning of the war; which has been ravaging for how many years? Four? I don't even know. How fucking gross is that?

When these boycotts began I lived in what I call, "a tonka town". While growing up, lots of little guys played with plastic, fold up, hot wheel "towns". These "towns" had a gas station, a mcdonalds, and maybe some faux store front, or car repair shop. This is essentially an accurate rendition of Crescent City, CA. Well, throw in some extra corporations for the good measure of non-local capitol gain. They're popping up every where now. My point is, it can be challenging boycotting corporations of the "big box" variety in a tonka town, where nothing else has survived. But I've steadfastly held to my intentions of keeping my piddley income from contributing to world domination and destruction. Like Peggy Seeger "I support the boycott!" and there are myriad reasons why.

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