Monday, June 05, 2006

Go Do Something Else

I have been a stewing puddle of bile and putrescence. I don't give too many fucks about being negative here, because who's motherfuckin' blog is it anyway? Mine. And furthermore no one really reads it. AND, of the 5 people who might, .5% of them rip me off. (Fucking Heather!) Still I can't help but feel the pressure not to rant, because Jenn is a loyal Moot Montage visitor, and doesn't appreciate day after day of the hate spewing. Sooo, what I will do instead is send you somewhere else, and they can entertain you while I get my shitty attitude adjusted by the outlookpractor. The caption under this picture said, "America is finger lickin' good". I sometimes forget to let you in on the bitchin' shit I'm privy to. The WHOLE link is about translation losses. Oh, as well you should know that a month ago today was NO PANTS DAY. Damn, we missed it. As always, thank you for patronizing Moot Montage, we look forward to your feedback and shared innovations.


razvan s said...

im the rip off...
and im judgemental too.
oh... and i keep my opened cuz i dont speak english and words like rant and "stewing puddle of bile and putrescence" are very rarely used thus i find it a bit hard to read :)

anyways... keep in mind: the pressure is on you. you must look pretty and joyfull and full of life. DONT LET ME DOWN! :)

im gonna drop by a couple of times a week to read ur posts.and i will always leave a comment. when you dont get feedback from me it means u lost it and are no longer interesting. this is not pressure. u cant fake interestingness so dont force yourself,just be natural :)

Jen said...

Oh, the hate spewing doesn't bother me, Chica. Rant away. That's what a blog can be for, right?