Sunday, June 25, 2006

Sorry, I didn't realize you hadn't heard from me in a week. I wrote a controversial post and I kept thinking I would edit it, but I haven't. Things have been super hectic. People don't really comment, so I feel kind of disconnected from this thing anyway. But Maria emailed and wondered what was up. She wanted to believe I was having fun and feeling good. Nope. Not missing any of that folks. I either have been, or am, in pain, working, busy, or worse. I was sparing the lot of you. I even got a flu. I need real help. Like the professional kind. I've gotten it before. I can tell that it's time. I can't even think my own thoughts without feeling over stimulated. So, I'll be addressing that, as best I can. I went to work this morning and left people sleeping in my home. One of them came in and told me of a toilet explosion that took place, and how they had addressed it. I was skeptical. With reason. I contended with the shituation on my lunch break, and will finish the task when I get the energy to buy bleach and be upright. So, yeah. I just want to complain all the time. Then I feel defensive, because I know people think I shouldn't. But I hate those people. A lot.


Jen said...

Hate them baby. Don't quit blogging. Thing is, I check in. I don't always comment, but I read it. I'll bet lots of people do that.
Just like it's difficult to find new stuff to blog about, it's tough to comment with new stuff too.
Love ya' chica

Anonymous said...

complain all you like. there is plenty to validly complain about. i'm another person who does what jen said, (check in often, and only sometimes comment). i enjoy updates on what is going on with you, even if you are in poo-water crisis (no pressure though, because being uninspired happens).

Maddy said...

we felt bad

well,,, most of us
i don't know how floofy-hair felt.