Saturday, July 15, 2006

Kitty Lunchmeat Sandwich

The contradictions between humans and the animal kingdom are baffling. I don't have a pet. And I don't eat meat. Both of those things make complete sense to me. I don't want to OWN another being. Neither do I want to eat them.

I remember my step-brother reacting to an article about horse meat. And people are always vilifying Asians by making jokes about them eating cat or dog. What's the fucking difference? If you eat meat, you eat meat. Why is it socially acceptable to eat a duck or a deer, but not a swan or a monkey? It's all gross, so don't look at me. Furthermore, why do people in this country give their cats and dogs better medical treatment than many humans receive, but eat pigs or chickens, who are repeatedly scientifically proven to be equally smart and unique in personality?

Creatures are kept captive in cages and bowls; I once saw Siamese Fighting Fish on an end-cap in a walmart. As though they were no less objects, no more biological, than spring collection body mist or plastic mugs for coffee to-go.

What happens in the meat and dairy industries is nothing short of evil. I buy my eggs cage free, if they are too expensive, then I can't afford eggs. Chickens don't have to be mutilated and kept five to a square foot cage, under 24 hour fluorescent lighting to nourish me.

So many people use the excuse that addressing animal rights has to come after dealing with human rights. Why make it either/or? Can we multi-task folks? They'll take their dog to be groomed, and not allow a houseless woman to shower in their bathroom, ostensibly doing neither.

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