Saturday, July 08, 2006

Opposites Day

Tarnation, I do declare! This is the day the Lord hath designated for the loving of the Carrie. And lo, it was good. Amen. I could not say enough good things about today's manager. And she says good things about me. For instance, "Let me hug you because you're wondermous." My primary co-worker had phat love, and even random crustomers were down with tha love givin'. One lady said, "You must have been hired for your fabulous personality", while a guy visiting from London told me, among many other kind things, I was "spiritual" and "inspirational". OMG. So you KNOW I hugged him and sent him off with a free cookie. Let's see...I got a message from my mother saying nothing but love, and an email from Maddy that I'll just have to show you a little of:

"you rock, and though it will truly take YOU to tell yourself this, i'm going to say it again.

you make 29 look fucking HOT. everyone says so. you look goooood. shit, you make 21 look fucking hot. and talented. and beautiful. and kind. and gentle. and damn intelligent.

bitch please. you da shit."

NUMBER ONE, ALL TIME, BEST EMAIL EVER RECEIVED!!! Yesterday I BARELY could keep from walking off the job. Today was, by contrast, utopian. And it isn't over. That's what's so fuckin' rad! Is this mania folks? Does life shift that much, or is this strictly about moods? Anyone?...


Jen said...

Life does shift that much. Feel the love, baby. You do rock. And you do make 29 look hot. I'm so glad that someone saw your spiritual nature and told you. So often we don't tell people what we see when we connect.
Love you.

Carrie said...

Thanks Jenn. What a day, huh?

evercurious said...

That is so great to hear. I wish you more days like that in the future. I hope to talk to you soon.

Jen Ay said...

who's this maddy?

Carrie said...

Love ya Tiff.

Jenny Jen, if you goto the search window at the top of the page and type Maddy it will search my blog for her name and then it will show you a post about her, with a link to her blog. She is also the "beat" related name in the top 8 of my whyspace page.