Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Sat. Sun. Mon. Tues.

So many days pass, and I think I'm not interesting enough to write anything, so I don't. I've been busy. Busy obsessing, I suppose. I likely just don't manage time well, because I think of all these things I could do, or "should" do, and am clearly not doing them. Like blogging. Like putting the letter to my mother in the mail. Like putting letters in the mail to my friend who was wrongfully sentenced to life in prison; and is fighting for his freedom for the 2 or 3rd year now.

It's a sunny day and I was drug out of my house by a friend from C.C. to the Mad river. Which brings me to the song that Devin wrote called "Carrie U." In which he says, "Carrie there is beauty like the Mad river underneath your skin, and I am grateful for your invitation in". To which I said, "Is there no beauty above my skin?" Aren't I a spoiled brat? Someone wrote this most amazing, touching, gorgeous song about me, and I hear, "Carrie you are inadequate".

Anyway, next I will address the Jenns. So many Jenns, and I want to thank them all. Thanks to Jenns for commenting. For listening, caring, being strong women, dragging me to the river, inviting me to OR, telling me I'm doing a good job, wanting what's best for me, being loyal, kind, loving, honest. Jenns are fab.

Work is improving, but I'm spoiled there too. It's nice to have an income. Super nice. It's also really easy for me to be sucked into consumerism. Wanting bigger, newer, prettier, softer, shinier, more.

Interactions with Marc the Mirage are possibly improving as well, but it's definitely easy to want more there.

In conclusion, I am spoiled. Which we already knew, as it is directly stated in the "about me" section of this blog. I didn't set out to restate that proclamation, but there it is.

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