Thursday, July 20, 2006


I spent the whole day
worshiping the sun
because god
was like a serrated knife
in my rib cage

nobody needs to know
of the damage all that
curiosity did
to my ability to reason

neither does anyone need to take a stab at it

the only thing goin' down
on these steamy,
evening colored streets
is the blazing hot topic of
"Who did this to me?
And why?"


Jen Ay said...

Waxing poetic lately,I see. Always glad to see active creative expression; although I have found myself stalling to do so for some time. Tomorrow I am going to the Brown Family Farm and I was encouraged to invite you because Brie says Tessa hasn't contacted any of her freinds about it. Of course, it is ridiculously short notice, but If you can come I can spot $30 for gas when you get there. We'd have fun, and I hope you don't have to work and can read this in time for it to even be a possibility. xoxoxo

Carrie said...


Jen Ay said...

Fer real
too hot anyhow