Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Ebb and Flow

Apparently yesterday my astrological sign was in the house of get shit done. I awoke to a phone call from my friend's girlfriend who pretends we're hommies, but in reality contacts me when she needs something. I suspect she thinks I'm lame and has critical things to say about me behind my back. However, I am currently unemployed with a Toyota camery and she is currently double employed with a disgruntled jetta, so because she sometimes pays me to transport her to work, I'm fine with our transactions. Besides, having her here using my newly reinstated internet, for some reason helped me to accomplish chores I tend to avoid. (and she bought me a burrito.) so, in wonderful me fashion, I will now gladly provide you with a charming list of the crap that no one wants to do, let alone read about some one else doing:
~paid water bill (one day before shut off date)
~washed dishes
~mopped kitchen floor (for what appeared to be the 1st time ever!)
~sewed on a button (a coin with 2 holes rather, that removed itself from a pillow my smom got me in Thailand)
~wrote a letter (to a friend's brother who is wrongfully in county jail awaiting sentencing)
~sent out the letter and all other bills in the mail
~did laundry (and lots of it, at the mat)
~washed my car
~emailed my dad
~made potato salad

Today, however, I slept till 11 and ate Indian food.

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