Thursday, July 28, 2005

Not your mother's gay neighbors

The lesbian couple that is moving out across the hall is one of the most attractive couples I've seen, on magazine covers or other wise. Both of them are tall and slender and fashionably in the know. She with long, thick, blonde hair and geyser blue eyes. And she with the glistening, long, thick, black hair known only to Asians and Native North Americans. Both with perfect skin and dimples.

I have never heard them raise their voices in frustration, through the walls or down the stairs. The only thing I've overheard being shouted is, "O.K., bye, I love you babe!"

When they've had yard sales in the front or tended to their tomatoes and herbs in the back, I've watched them endearingly look at one another, embrace, and kiss, in a gentle, PG way.

How could anyone begrudge them their love and connectedness? Besides...They're hot.

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till_in_the_clear said...

Hey thanks! Yeah - it doesn't look like the circle J thing is gonna happen for me unfortunately... I don't think I know a mike mckinnon... Oh wait, is he michael - the Crescent City sucks guy? Oh! I get it! thanks for commenting at my blog - it makes me happy. we may have met indirectly - was there a time that you played your acoustic for tips at circle J?
If that was you - you should know that I determined that day that when i become an eccentric millionaire, I will hire you to follow me around and serenade me all day.
If not - ignore previous comment.
Problem is with the waiting list is that the class I need to get into is an internet class - and you can't "attend" those unless you are registered for them.
Thanks anyways though! Have a cheery day!