Saturday, July 30, 2005

Gimme Summo'

My neighbor is having a birthday shindig, while around the corner there is a live band playing in a house, with a fire in the back yard. Both events boast of kegs spilling over with local, micro-brew. And me? I'm posting on my blog. Can I getta' "why"? Well...I tried my social hand at both and felt more lonely or bored than I do right now.

I stopped drinking in February. I am not even very strong in my personal anti-alcohol campaign. My platform is weak. And yet, while I have been tempted weekly, I have had but one beer in 6 months.

Besides, I have all these intense image issues. Though I am not a terribly bad looking person, I can't help but feel scrutinized and rejected in such settings, where no one can actually hear what I'm saying, nor would they care about content, even if they could. Whatever. The music in these scenarios is typically ear bleeding loud and moreover, bad. Although I can't say that of tonight.

There was a beautiful man that was talking with me, until I passed on a cup of Downtown Brown. Listen, you're the one in the golf hat brother.


Anonymous said...

beautiful things about carrie:
-engaging personality, ppl like her
-guitar savvy, and then some
-luminous eyes in favored color
-nice (an underrated adjective) voice
-excellent sense of esthetics
-fabulous deep dark chocolate brown locks worn oft-like a scarf
-good lookin' skin (if u stop your picking of miniscule blems, promise i will, too)
-the healthy-looking body of a woman, not a stick insect
-good attitude (with exceptions, yeah, me too)
-can really knit, yo
should i go on? you're a dish!!!

Anne Arkham said...

Everyone feels self-conscious and awkward at those things. I promise.

Carrie said...

i love you people!!