Saturday, September 03, 2005

Water Blogged

I have had red wine.

Now, in February I decided it would be a good idea not to drink. And it is a good idea. Other wise one might spout off at the mouth as I am tempted to do here, at this time. Alas, I have little going on and even less to say. Except that I do believe that I want more to drink. And isn't that often the trouble with imbibing? Hmm? Do I tuck myself in to bed, or do I stroll to market?

Should I have an adventure, I will surely tell you about it. Should I have a dream, I will likely not remember it, or it will come across all fractured and not worth communicating. Should I piss myself, well...I might have some kind of serge protection issue there.

Be loved people. By me.

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