Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Gauchos, Culottes, and Goulash

"What are gauchos?" asked Joe.

Which was shocking.

"Gaouchos are the other outfit. The one that is not a mini skirt with Uggs. But rather culottes with slides."

Gussying up coulotes with a new name does NOT fucking make them a cool clothing item. Now, do not misunderstand me, coulottes have their application. They are funny, and therefore cool in their own right. For instance, I really wanted to have a coulottes and goulash party for my birthday. You know, where everyone (males included) would come in culottes and then pot luck their favorite interpretation of goulash. That's fun. But taking yourself seriously and wearing culottes is not so much fun, as it is toxic to my emotional environment.

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