Friday, February 24, 2006


As in Mirabai. Merah-bye. Not Myra, Merabelle, Meerabea, Marabay, Miraball, or Merrybear. All of which she has been incorrectly addressed as. Criminy people!! Merrybear?! For tha love of the LORD!! Although that was a mistake of our mutual friend Maria's terribly cute and ass kicking grandma. (Yes you can be really old, and cute, and kick ass, all contemporaneously.) Anyway, Mirabai is my sister. While we were growing up, her house was just, um... "wacky" enough, to make my house seem like a good idea. Mirabai is far and away one of THE funniest, most intelligent people you will ever not meet. This is who I spend my time with. I have both of my classes with her. (Yeah, I'm only in two classes, Idontwannatalkaboutit) I warned my friends that I would be posting about them, and she told me to make sure I got a good picture of her first. She's gunna' hate this one, and I thought about not posting till I got one she liked. But then I realized none of my friends will like any of the pictures I post, because that is the nature of viewing pictures of oneself. We are all simultaneosly fascinated and disgusted with them. I seem to be diverging from the subject in my post dedicated to Mirabai. I think it's because when I think of Mira, other than thinking of her beautifulness, I think of smart and funny. Funny and smart. Intelligent, comical, witty, clever, bright, quick, humorous, brilliant, hilarious, sharp, astute, keen, hysterical. Fuckin' funny and fuckin' really fuckin' smart. And to top all this off I am going to attach an email I got from Mira yesterday, just to prove my point. It was recieved at the last leg of our paper writing debacle. First let me ad that while you do not have any friends, family, or loved ones that are funnier, or smarter, I will also say that Mira is loving, supportive, interesting, talented, fashionable, and has a really fabulous ass. K, email now:

(subject title)"economy of language

and the excessive linguistic habits of today's overwrought and underslept American Mira point to larger concerns within the paradigm of bloated verbosity and inefficiency; furthermore, the subjugated laboriousness of her distracted and digressive discourse lead to imbalances above and beyond the sensibilities of any critical, educated reader. her utter lack of carefully chosen and/or direct communication lead the inquiring reader to the unavoidable conclusion that the aforementioned author of said text merely and dubiously ventured to write a college level persuasive essay without the necessary underpinnings of preparation."

See? Smart. And funny. (Although I imagine this might be more of an inside joke and not so much a world wide web joke. But fuck it.)


Anonymous said...

I concur that Mirabai is sooooo brilliant and funny and beautiful and strong and creative and everything else that she is.

Carrie said...