Thursday, February 23, 2006

I'm all writed out

I think I need to ad ADD to the scroll of diagnoses that I have given myself or actually received from a professional. I had to write a paper and it is entirely counterintuitive for me to just friggin' FOCUS! Anyway I got it in with the better part of 2 minutes to spare. And now that I've had a chance to read the swill that finally made it's way in to my instructors hands, well, let's just say it's comin' on midnight and I felt it was urgent that I send an email apologizing to him. On a lighter note the same professor was very kind in response to my request to miss a class meeting so that I might guest lecture in another class about my experiences with Red Cross in Louisiana. A few semesters ago I had a kick ass sociology professor who has since transferred. While I was gone she was one of the many who received my daily emails.

...I just proof read this and it's fucking boring me so I gotta stop writing now.

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