Sunday, February 12, 2006

The Over Worked Noggin' Part

This evening I saw a paperback in Borders about ACT (Acceptance & Commitment Therapy). Openly, I still don't really know what that is, even though I kind of investigated. It was located too close to the checkout line, and therefore the check out guy, for me to be completely comfortable flipping through it. I had my mom in mind, of course. Next to it was the second edition of the OCD workbook. Tough choice. I'm in no position to be purchasing a selfhelp paperback workbook on either subject for anyone really, but neither am I in the position to be buying the Kings of Leon CD. Which is what I did leave with.

Today was a day of reckoning and penance. All my self neglect and abuse culminated in to someone's god giving me an infection with periodic intervals of anxiety. Luckily I recognized the anxiety as such, and knew better than to heed or give authority to any of the myriad feelings that accompanied it. There were things I considered writing here, about the fundamental dichotomy of the spiritual, humanitarian, naturalistic life I want to live and the capitalist, consuming, empty promise lie that I actually do. Instead I think I will wrap up by saying that I owe Blogger an apology for the last post. It was actually my computer that was being maniacal, by not showing that the new posts had in fact published. Heh, silly, irritable, premenstrual dysphoric disorder me. However, Blogger often is a cockwhore, for plenty of other reasons.

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