Sunday, February 19, 2006


Yes let's. We'll begin with Miss Tessa. (Mind you there will be no particular order to the love.) A.K.A. Bobess, TB, and other nicknames that relate to her last name that I don't have permission to print here. Tessa is a guy's dream. I mean she is a dreamy friend as well, but this is something outstandingly admirable about her, being as I seem to be a guy's nightmare. She has all the qualities I require in a best friend, smart, kind, interesting, but this girl is saintly sweet. Maybe the tuition her parents forked out for parochial school paid off? She is affectionate, a good listener, generous, patient, and OH MY GOD is she forgiving! Like no one else I have EVER met. That's come in handy during our friendship, a few times. She sews, knits, and bakes, the whore. AND she's athletic!! She smokes these really classy cigarettes that make it some how harder for me to bitch at her for smoking in the first place, like just because they are highbrow(?). Tessa is absurdly stylish in the coolest of ways, and if I didn't love and adore her so much, I would absolutely fucking hate her. There is almost no quality about her that is not enviable.

Anecdote time: I love Salmon. In fact I have referred to it as the gateway meat, because it is what tempted me away from veganism to fish and shellfish eating. Anyway, when Tessa got her AA we had a little gathering to celebrate the midway accomplishment, and I bought her a Thai cookbook. Her father owns a commercial fishing boat and her brother is also a fisherman. We're talking access. Tessa made the number one, all time,
I would order this for my last meal, succulent, fresh, Thai, cilantro, lime, something or another, etc, etc, accoutrements, salmon that has EVER been made in all of humankind's existence. EVER. And for that, as well as our continued friendship, I am grateful.

(Something about this girl makes me want to type "EVER!!".)

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michael said...

Okay, I totally agree with you about tessa, and in general her entire family. Amen.