Tuesday, March 14, 2006

I FINALLY Discovered How to Cut and Paste on this GD Thing!!

But then forgot that I wanted to post the emails I sent while I was in the Louisiana. What follows will be the first of those emails, obviously very delayed. I am not currently volunteering with Red Cross; I am in California dealing with school deadlines, awaiting Spring Break. I have another wretched English paper due. (The astronomical news is the
A I got on my geography midterm. OMG!!!) Anyway these two emails are from the first days of my second deployment:

Hey y'all, I got to NOLA alive and I will likely be running food and
supplies in an ERV (emergency response vehicle). Things seem to have
already improved a lot since I was last here. Thanks for everyone's
well wishing. The temp today? 75. And I see hush puppies in the very
near future. ~Carrie

Well, it was a great day in some respects. It is semi-hard work. We were in an area with massive destruction. I can not even begin to impart the impact. I do encourage you to ask yourself "What have I sacrificed for the survivors of Katrina today?". If you can give of your time or money or send a prayer I would ask you to do so. We were told not to take pictures and that was hard, although pictures wouldn't really convey the nightmare. People were soooo amazingly kind and grateful. I found that in the shelter as well. Very positive and friendly. Cutie kids too. It is New Years Eve but I don't know what I would be worth tomorrow if I celebrate as such. But then, New Years in Nawlins?! That's a tough choice. There is a hot tub in the hotel, and you KNOW I will be visiting it during my station here. I'll post you as I can. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! It's bound to be better than this one right?! With much love ~Carrie


Carrie said...

I can't fix the coloring, spacing, and font issues. ARGH!!

THEonlyGOALIE said...

Nice thoughts. Because I spend most of my time on campus or Uptown I sometimes try to forget what really lies on the edge of the city I live in. Anyway, you're cool for helping out.