Sunday, March 12, 2006

What I Know is Killing Me

Stress kills. We all know that. Someone told us that so we could stress out about the stress we feel and die about it. So not only do I know that stress kills, I also know that many other things are bad for me. Which equals, will slowly kill me. I have learned over the years that partially hydrogenated oil is bad for me. I have no idea what it will do to me, I only know it's bad. I have learned that too much sodium and too much sugar is also bad. Very bad. Bad girl. Go to your room. Not to mention high fructose corn syrup. I know that most fat in most portions is bad, as well as dyes, hormones, pesticides, and pretty much all preservatives. Soda is the tincture of Beelzebub, besides aluminum causes Alzheimers. Animal by-products are part of an evil industry that promotes grinding baby male chicks alive by the 1000s and other such atrocities. Soy manipulates hormone levels. While protein bars and trail mixes agitate my TMJ. Yes, grocery shopping with Carrie is a joyous occasion, wherein she is only allowed to purchase basmati rice and whole oats in bulk and seltzer by the case. Hummph.


Jen said...

You are who you are. Embrace your pickiness! Be serene with the basmati. You go girl! Being aware of the things that are bad for you is better than being in pain and not knowing why. I admire people who are sensitive enough to listen to what their body says.
It was good to see you Saturday. Hope we can get together soon.

Carrie said...

"I am enough for today."