Saturday, April 08, 2006

From Then

So if anyone wants to look on a map, I'm staying in Kenner, LA. You can Google earth me, I'm at the Comfort Suites. We eat a free breakfast here and then leave the hotel (which is so lovely) at 7ish and drive to the ERV lot. We then go to an out door kitchen that's been set up near a church, and load up. Both locations have security at them. Then each day we are with a different crew on a different ERV headed to a different neighborhood of New Orleans. Each truck delivers 500-600 meals a day. There are about 26 trucks that go out of our kitchen.
Most clients say they are feelin' "alright" or that they are "blessed", even if they work a job all day and then have to go home and clean several inches of dried sludge from their homes and yards. Incredible. Meanwhile volunteers, such as myself, bitch about things like who's gunna' get a car to go to the target or how long someone's been on the house computer. "God bless y'all for whatcher doin' " they say to me "it really means a lot to us". I hear things like this all the time and I just tell them "it's our pleasure", because OH HOW I WISH I COULD DO SOOOO MUCH MORE!! I want to make a T-shirt for myself with a design like the ones on all the houses that the inspectors spray painted. I could make a few designs in fact. One would say "New Orleans, now hiring". "Now hiring" signs are everywhere. The driver today played his radio over the loud speaker, so that was fun. I use out-houses everyday. We find them on our routes. California is well represented as far as Red Cross goes. On today's truck all 3 of us were from Cali. I'm beginning to wonder if my home chapter will pull me back to do volunteer work there, with the storm damage I'm hearing about in y'alls emails. ?? I want to really thank all of my beloved people for emailing encouragement and support, it is so wonderful to receive your care and blessings. Don't hesitate to sign up in your area to volunteer with Red Cross, cuz there is likely something you can do in your local chapter's office, or you could at least be Red Cross ready to do what needs to be done should an emergency occur locally. A personal objective while I am here is to see a girl I met in the shelter in Slidell, who I am in contact with. I have only a PO for her, so I've written and I'll keep you posted. Wish me luck with that. You would just love this girl. Hugs, ~C

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