Friday, April 07, 2006

Mangos, Cooking, Being Ill, and Blogging

Lately I like mangos. I guess I just caught on. I used to just buy apples, oranges, bananas, things my parents would buy. But I'm grown now and I can eat a mango if I want. I like the sweetness found near the rind and I like to rip the tart meat right off the seed. Mangos make a good dessert, and just like all desserts, even if you are full, you can't stop eating yours. I remember Tessa saying that when she was in South America there was no good fruit, because it was all shipped to North America. That's lame.

Mira and I have discussed dining in vs. dining out, and how we have a problem and need help. I think we are addicted to the dopamine we get from pizza. Last night I made vegetarian chili, coconut milk and curry rice, AND layered cheese enchiladas, so we would have access to yummy food quickly, for our study sessions we are not currently doing. The taxes and tip are what kill us about eating out (in restaurants that is. OH!). We both have worked in food service, so we both round up and tip about 22%. I am totally embarrassed to tip any less. She has little income, and I now have officially no income. So dining out is not an option really. But like crackheads, we find a way. I am preemptively trying to keep us from having to do that. I intend to make lasagna next week and maybe a pasta salad. And I definitely want to make sure I have what I need for fruit smoothies. This is me obviously addressing one issue at a time. Because both of us want to diet as well. Being more spending conscious is only part of it. Next we will have to address being more health conscious. Sigh.

I am sick again. Last time I had a flu that lasted the typical flu amount of time, about 3-4 days. This time I have a virus that causes a sore throat, sinus issues, sneezing, and coughing. Also the pain while moving my eyes is back. Hmmm. I suspect I got it from the pub I was in last Friday. But that's a long story. All this sickness came after recently realizing how I used to get sick so much when I still lived in my hometown, and how anymore I don't seem to get sick as much. Isn't that always the god forsaken way? I ran out of my posh tissues and was left only with recycled toilet paper for nose blowing. (Not
USED!! RECYCLED!! Don't be gross.) I felt like a total bourgie snot (pun?) for wanting the aloe and lotion kind. This is part of my strata of psychological problems. But I can't get into that right now.

I'm rambling. Sometimes I try to have a complete thought here, but there aren't really any pay-offs. I don't usually hear from folks much either way. I can see that people come to the sight, with the little sightometer thing. I have been behind on my blog reading ever since Spring Break (which I sometimes like to Capitalize, but I don't think that it's Necessary). I've caught up on a good deal of it, but haven't been moved to comment. If I were reading other blogs and making clever comments then people would perhaps come over here and make a clever comment (thereby giving me more to read, cuz I would then have to go to
that persons blog). Through guilt or manipulation or asking I could likely get people to say something. And once in a while I even earn it the old fashioned way, by inspiring it. But that is pretty far and few. I do think about starting an anonymous blog so I can cuss a lot like I do in life, and be disgusting, or angry, or whatever I might actually be when I am posting thoughts over here about weather, or just not posting at all. I suppose I still might could. For now rambling will ensue.


evercurious said...

luv ya bunches!

Carrie said...

thanks tiff. you have been a trooper.

Anonymous said...

Mangos make me ill. . .I get an itchy rash goatee, but I eat them anyway, because they are worth it. Yum.

Carrie said...