Sunday, April 02, 2006

More Delayed Correspondence from New Orleans

A new year and new elements to contend with. There is a Red Cross shelter in Humboldt, CA to house those flooded out by the rains. As for here, there are people who have been living without water, electricity, or gas for the entire 4 months and still are. They are extraordinarily strong in spirit and I have so much reverence for the people I come in contact with here. They are grateful for the meals, snacks, and water we give them. Sometimes we have a few blankets, or care packs with toothbrushes and soap to give, and today we had a few toys. The kids get m&ms and everyone that I speak to gets a blessing and a smile. I even sang in to the loud speaker today. A little somethin' like...

I release and I let go
I let the spirit run my life
and my heart is open wide
cuz I'm only here for god

no more struggle
no more strife
with my faith I see the light
I am free in the spirit
cuz I'm only here for god

Those of you who were at Northshore with me likely sang along right there. This is a very faith based part of the world and that song can speak to folks of many affiliations. It was about 80 today and this evening I got to take a trip to Target for some things that I needed. Yahoo!! I have been told that there are tour buses looking at the damage. People feel very sensitive about others exploiting the trauma these folks have survived. My biggest hope is that people get help with their homes and have jobs and schools that are safe. Many are contending with insurance companies because they have hurricane insurance but not "flood" insurance. I see trailer parks with FEMA trailers and stairs going in to them, but not people in them. They are empty. Awaiting power I'm told. ??? There are shirts on Bourbon that read "FEMA: Federal Employees Missing Again". Or "Missing in Action". And because you are my hand selected friends and family I will share with you my personal belief. No one has said this to me and everyone knows I am a liberal, Arcata hippy. With that said it hit me very hard yesterday, the belief that this is a class/race war. I am of the opinion that this was intentional. Maybe I am not supposed to say such things over the Internet, or even at all. ?? I think the power hungry, money men wanted these incredible homes and rather than offer people what they were worth, they drowned them out and soon we will see rich people offering residents $12, 000 or something lame like that for beautiful old homes. People will feel like they have no choice but to sell cheap. I could be wrong and I hope I don't offend anyone with this theory, but I am glad to have the chance to share my feelings and thoughts with y'all. There are elderly people living in their homes, people with children. And these homes had toxic flood waters, they have been gutted, many of them. So there is no flooring, no dry wall. And there is trash EVERYWHERE. If you took a palace and placed it right in some of these neighborhoods, it wouldn't make up for the fact that people's neighbors are gone and the entire street is devastated. So even those who can afford to put things together are dealing with discouragement and heart break most of us will never know. I tell them that the American people care about them, and I believe that is true. And I thank you for being those people, so I can speak on behalf of you and mean what I am saying. God bless y'all. ~Carrie

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