Saturday, July 29, 2006


You flash your smile
make me wanna' flash somethin' pretty
we were waitin' on a miracle
we were both pushin' thirty
you surround yourself with smoke, good music, Marley fans, and other girlies
left alone my heart gets surly

You place your hand upon my skin
my mind begins to wonderin' "Is somethin' happenin'?"
How could I do this to myself again?
Is there no end?

We're friends
just friends

When I inhaled as you exhaled sweet air
when my lips hovered, did you want 'em there?
And when your voice goes in my ear
you know what I want and where

But we're friends
just friends

Maybe if your eyes didn't look like the river running through my life
maybe if your sent didn't get me thinkin' so indecent
and ooh, your sound
if I didn't need you around

We could be friends
just friends
good friends

Uh uh you go, titillating all my senses
I told you baby, I was sensitive
now we've got up our defenses
when we meet again

Will we be friends?
just friends
good friends
more than friends?

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