Saturday, November 11, 2006

Sabado Noche

I'm going to the sauna. Cuz I'm new age. YES!! Which means I'll be waiting to shower, and I'm so food-service grrrrrosssss. Things seem to be improving for now. Or my attitude is. Is there a difference? Yeah, I guess sometimes. Perspective matters, as do circumstances. (It doesn't have to make any sense to you. Or me. Or anybody honestly. It's mine and I love it just the way it was born of my psyche. Cuz my self esteem in improving and that rocks my cock!!!!)

I'm bummed that Radiskull and Devildoll episodes don't actually play when I go to the sight. No one ever cares about inside jokes that make no sense and I can't let them in on. "Yeah, it's really great, there's this floating skull with spikes and a bandanna, and he's dense, and his best friend is this little red devil who has a requited crush on an angel, and the two friends rap together, and Radiskull loves coffee. It's GREAT!!!" Many blank stares. Many changed subjects. Just like when I talk about Fuckchops. Who INCIDENTALLY is gunna' give that girl another fuckin' kid if they keep at it!! Does she really need THREE?!!! Population crisis. Will the baby seat fit in the sports car? Moving on...

So yeah, a former co-worker, who has a different shitty job now, made us sweet reservations for the sauna tonight. This will be our third time going; I think? Rituals are dynamite. Rituals of the getting really sweaty, non-satanic persuasion.

...though speaking of, my motherhumping stereo malfunctioning causes my eyes to roll back and my tongue to fork. I even retrieved a ghetto-blastin' boom box that ALSO WON'T PLAY MY MUSIC AND I AM ABOUT TO MAKE BLACK PLASTIC SHARDS TO SHOOT THROUGH AN AIR GUN AT NON-SUSPECTING PEOPLE OF ALL RACE, CLASS, AND GENDER WHO ARE ABLE TO JOYFULLY EXPERIENCE THEIR MUSICAL COLLECTION IN THE COMFORT OF THEIR HOMES!!!!!!!!!!!!AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

Um, so anyway, it's been a good day if I isolate it's parts in my brain. And I'm down with that.

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