Tuesday, April 25, 2006

This Day was "Waking Life" Bazaar!!

I just finished reading an email from Mirabai, in which she wrote, "...thrice-baked hamface".

That's all I have on that, but it is enough to get me started on how fucking strange my day has been. So much stimuli. I am an HSP. I can't take all this information in and process it. Especially not on my anti-histamine. I told you already, that's what they make meth out of.

Having an encounter with Pretty Andy (as I have taken to calling him, to differentiate him from my neighbor, who I have taken to calling Drew. Only because they are obviously both Andy, and only one of them do I want to touch inappropriately.)(If there is more than one of them, is the plural, "Andies"?) (ANYWAY! Having an encounter with Pretty Andy...) was enough to keep me from being able to focus on basic bodily functions like taking in oxygen, blinking, swallowing saliva, that sort of chore. Ad to it that he was receptive to the mixed CD I made him, AND he initiated a hug! I can't really breathe.

Next up for discussion: My English professor is an uncircumcised penis head. I have nothing against uncircumcised penises, in fact I am opposed to circumcision. However, I am not saying he is a "dick head", like he is an "asshole", although he is. I am saying he looks like an uncircumcised penis. I really hope that if he reads this, it will be after he grades my next few papers. But anyway, his weird little turtle head, that he pokes into my mental space, can not be avoided, as he will dock one a whole letter grade for more than 4 absences. The biggest issue I have with this policy is not that it exists, I can see it having it's application. My peeve is that there is no learning, no teaching, no intellectual growth that takes place. He just creates a captive audience for the break down of his psyche, that is currently taking place. That is my best estimation as to what is up with Foreskin Face.

This isn't what I set out to express to you, and I'm not even currently on anything, other than the allergy pill I already mentioned, that I took way back this morning. (Which reminds me, I found a saved draft that was started on pills. It's very short and will be posted soon.)

My reason for exploding on you about my professor and his pink prick profile is, I found out today that a girl from Nicaragua who is in our class (if you didn't get that, English is NOT her primary language) is taking 3 other classes besides his piece of fuck (that I only call a "class" because it takes place in the room o' classes and I'm being graded) AND she works with children at least 5 days a week. And Cockbrow won't let her leave his windbag sessions of non-enlightenment 10 minutes early to get to her job!! He is mediocracy at it's most malignant.

I can't right now, I just can't. But I hope you will also/eventually get to hear about Mute Nick, Dayglow girl, Mike Jones!, and Pandora. Especially the part where Pandora says "crap" while explaining something in class, and our COLLEGE ENGLISH PROFESSOR says, "Well put".


Jen said...

Forskin Face! LOL. Great name. Your professor does sound like a jerk. LOTS going on. I'll return the favor and ask "Are you breathing? Don't forget to breath". Thanks for all the messages on my blog. Reading all of the entries must have been a chore. I'm not exactly reticent!
Love ya'.

Carrie said...

But I am??!!