Monday, April 24, 2006

Remixes SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

First let's just come out with the fact that I still get an easter basket. (Small "e"aster, because I am not a "C"hristian, nor am I a lover of "A"merican culture. So the very tiny bit if reverence I have went to capitalizing "C"hristian. Moving on...) Yeah, I do. Have you processed that? Good. Because that is not my point. I am just walking you through some information you may or may not need, to reach the point I want to make. So, I still get an easter basket, and contained within this year's easter basket was an itunes gift card for $15. This is a brilliant idea, and I emailed my step mom to say as much, since I didn't really understand that at the time of receiving it.

Off track I will ad, that I also got much needed, striped, flannel pajamas. The one's I was wearing in the computer lab while writing my paper, drastically hungover last week. I got a basil plant that I transplanted, and then without thinking I watered it with miracle grow house plant solution. I received just a touch of candy, and as hoped for, a bar of soap; which I count on from baskets, stockings, and the far off places my step-mom travels to. My smom is a travel agent, and DAMN good at it. She goes hither and fro and brings me trinkets. Hitting and missing my taste, but soap is usually a hit. A good soap is something of a priority for me. I am really going off track here, but whatever. Yeah, there came a time that I realized that so many people have these fabulous soaps and candles just collecting dust; literally. I was one of those people. Like what the fuck was I saving fancy soaps for? Weird. So I decided to use things like great soaps and candles, there seemed to be an endless supply of them in stores and goodie packages. I have been right. I use and replentish, by way of self, or by way of others.

But anyway, I was sharing about the suckage of remixes.
Well...Then I was about to. Calm down. (Oh, just one more thing, there is a candle I LOVE, that Tessa bought me for Xmas. I can't tell you what it is, because I don't want to raise the market price. It's already absurdly high. I do kind of conserve that candle. I need to break out of my hoarding stronghold there. But anyway...)

I also got a gas card, for 1/2 a tank. Yeah, I'm spoiled. I already told you that at the top of the screen, in the little explanation "about me". Unfortunately, as well, I was given a distasteful planter. I know you are thinking, "How can a planter be distasteful?" And if you aren't thinking it, then I just thought it for you. But I use that term correctly. No it is not shaped like a penis. That would be cool. That might even help me get over my terra cotta phobia. Rather, it is the "head" of a lady. The kind of head with the face on the front. She wears an Aunt Jammamy (sic) do-rag, and has very, spacially real, dangling gold earrings. Someone thought it was cute to make it, and my step mom thought it would be cute to buy it. And even more cute to give it to me.

OMG this post is suddenly SOOO LONG!!! It's from reading The Hot Librarian (see links). She did this to me. Gave me permission to rant. At first my post just said, "Remixes SUCK!!!!!" and I was leaving it at that. Then I thought I would come elaborate on what that was about, and here we are, together. Look at us. Discussing hangovers and step moms. What is wrong with us?! WHO CAN HELP US??!!

SO, on the "lady's" "face" are HUGE red lips. In terms of racial representations, I think bell hooks would certainly culturally criticize this piece. But I know my smom didn't mean anything by it. That is the trouble with modern democrats. They never do. Passively participating in, and therefore fueling, the white supremist capitalist patriarchy that is our society. But I do it too, so back to itunes...

There I was, redeeming my itunes gift card, and happily making selections (oh, the joys of rediscovering what you already knew to be very kickass music) and not once, but
TWICE!!!!! I chose the WRONG SONG, based on remake and remix bullshit. The first of which was the Slick Rick song, "Children's Story". This, among many other Slick Rick songs, is perfect in all ways, just as it is. But some how, in a slew of Slick Rick options, all of which were divinely "explicit" versions, I clicked "clean". Me. Carrie. Filthywhoremouth of the Northwest. THEN...I ended up with some shitty remix of my precious "Put it on Me" by Jah Rule, that had this bitch's voice all over it, where it didn't belong! ARGH!!

So that was the point of the title, and my post. Have a good day, now.


Jen said...

Wow! Can I relate to the rant problem. I can never start with one subject without prefacing it with a ton of other crap. "To explain why this is driving me crazy, I have to tell you about this stupid thing that makes me nuts." Next thing I know, I've covered four topics and pages of blog. I love ya' Chica.
Good soap. A moral imperative.

Carrie said...

Right? Some days I am not inspired to post any thoughts. Others I can't stream line enough to make any sense. Whatever.