Saturday, April 22, 2006

Three Things I...

Ok, I have been way too sincere about coming up with answers for these, thereby spending WAY too much time on it. But anyway, Tiffany made this questionnaire up, and of all the ones I've seen, it's the only one I've liked. Getting back to the sincerity of it, I had to changed a few of the words, because I take things like "favorite" to seriously, so I had to exchange words like "favorite" for phrases like "things I really like". The integrity is in tact, the concept remains the same. It's already self indulgent to have this blog, so I'm just gonna' roll with it...

Weird things said to me by the opposite sex: (these are kind of weak)

1. One year at Reggae on the River a man proclaimed that I had "beautiful, bright thighs".

2. I'm a musician and my step dad once told me not to "come home with a female drummer".

3. Among many other insults, a former boyfriend told me that I had "Gremlin eyes".

Things I regret the most:

1. Whatever I did that pushed Ken away.

2. Being mean to my little sister while she was growing up.

3. Saying something awful to Mirabai in jr high.

Things I want to learn how to do:

1. Get and keep a boyfriend.

2. Use a sewing machine well enough to alter and make clothes.

3. Play piano.

Things I like about myself:

1. Umm...I'm loving,

2. relatively self aware (I think?),

3. and to be honest, although I've been told repeatedly that I am too hard on myself, there are several things I like about me.

Things I do not like about myself:

1. My weight. (I'm a female in America, so that seems like, duh.)

2. My desire for approval.

3. Conditioning within myself that makes me not like my weight.

Things I really love:

1. The Smith River!!! (see photo above)

2. Warm, sunny weather.

3. (loved) Being with Ken.

Things I really don't like:

1. Heartbreak.

2. Bad drug trips.

3. The sum affects of greed and industry on the planet and the species inhabiting it.

Three kick ass songs:

1. Walk, by Blind Melon

2. You Said Something, by PJ Harvey

3. Always a Use, by Madeline Peyroux

Three wonderful best friends (randomly picked):

1. Mirabai

2. Stefani

3. Maria

Three lost friends:

1. Nigel

2. Nigel

3. Nigel


evercurious said...

COOL! I was wondering when I would read this. I like your most recent post too. Very funny. You know what? I hate Jah Rule. He always sounds like he needs to clear his throat.

Carrie said...

That's funny. I don't really know any other songs of his, but I have a special affinity for it. One year I was able to visit my brother in Hawaii, he was about, oh, 12. And he kept singing that song. Of course it was completely adorable and now it's a favorite.

Jen said...

I love that picture of the Smith River. Beeyoutiful. Was it tough to come up with things you like about yourself? I always have a tough time.
Bright thighs? What was he doing there anyway? Oh, he was just looking right?

Carrie said...

OMG! No, I was just walking by him. He was completely an adult, I have no idea how old. And I was about 17. I was likely wearing my swimsuit. Or at the most, shorts. Yeah, the Smith is my reference point for all that is worth living for. And for liking things about me, I've gotten 180 from where I was years ago.