Tuesday, May 09, 2006

I Look Like a Bank Teller Today

Not in attire, but in face and expression. I look about 34, and like I'm going to my kid's baseball game to try and get laid. Ew, do people do that? Kid's sports, singles hook-up culture?

"Oh, hi Mark, nice to meet you, this is my son, Ryan. Ryan, say "hi"".

"Hi, Trish, this is my son, Joshua, he's a little digger."


Jen said...

Oh no!!! Single people meet at PTA meetings, usually before the divorce. Or waiting for their kids after school. "How is Johnny enjoying Mrs. Brown's class? Really? Are you free tonight?"
Or they meet at 12 step programs. You know, love on the AA campus. Ahhh romance.
How do you know an alcoholic is one a second date?
There's a UHaul in the driveway.

Jen Ay said...

this is a general comment. I have been trying to figure out how to leave you a message on this page forever! somehow i missed the bright green "comments" link with arrow under every entry!your shit is so funny! I dig reading it cause your like so verbose!9i just smacked some gum and flipped my high pony tail) well, I'm in essay marathon mode again. * this time by tomorrow. I had jake read one and he fell asleep, so I know it's pretty good:)I'm really excited about this workshop I'm attending at the end of the month. it's for four days and I'll be learning how to build a house out of cob. (kind of like adobe)can't wait. I'm planning my escape to the desert!I have no idea where single adult parents meet but i think it's even more terrifying than at kid's sporting events like best friend of the ex or freind's ex or weird in-social group incest! sick! Crescent city all over again. Dig seeing your dad's pic. He's so cool. luv that guy:) camping soon. June. I mean it. oh and I am determined to have a big Solstice bash because I love that day. Now if only my determination will overide my procrastination. jen- not the other one who just left a comment, but me:)

Jen Ay said...

grr i just wrote this really lengthy comment and then realized i didn't have and account and had to do that whole thing adn since i hate rewriting comments let me just say. Hullo and I'll write again tomorrow!