Sunday, May 14, 2006


Where have I been?! I have no idea. I am totally not out of town. Which is to say, I am home and just openly ignoring the blog. I think about it, and visit to see if I have posted anything; alas there is banktellerness. Or in the words of Bukowski..."and nothing and nothing".

It is a beautiful sunny day that I intend to capitalize on. Well, not technically. I won't be making a profit off the angle of incidence, just maybe utilizing the solar energy to be productive.

Many topics have been discussed, namely with Mirabai. Boys have been encountered, classes have been attended, alcohol has been drunkeded. It's grad time here in my little college town. All the conservative moms and dads are visiting to watch the hippies dance barefoot in the plaza to world beat drumming. Farmer's market, it's a beautiful thing. Cell phones, sequins, infants, handbags, Thai basil, titties, dreadlocks, and expensive mules all akimbo. I was so uncomfortable in my skin that I just let Mr. Sun burn that shit right off me. I've been a few places lately, all insecure and shit. One day I'll know how to put the pictures from the camera onto the computer and we will really have some fun. I can show you the trashy whore that thought she was being really cute by bumrushing a mannequin and taking EVERY SINGLE ITEM right off of the plastic window doll and adorning her own plastic personality with the entire thing, unaltered. Lame. It's going to be a great deal of amusement, when I show you her ass literally bursting out of her pants. But that will take some more technical difficulty. For now, ramblemicknamble.

The sweet boy is AGGRAVATINGLY odd!! He gives massage, chocolate, and good head, along with utter confusion every time he speaks. Shhhh, don't speak. Your lips are far too pretty to be spilling forth such gobbledigoo. Just hush my dear, and proceed with batting those luscious eyelashes. We'll find other ways to put your tongue, nay, your entire mouth, to good use. Then there is the cokehead that is really, quite exactly, a Carrie remote control. I will do anything for this kid, and yet, he has me doing nothing. He isn't even employing my mouth. *Sigh*

p.s. Happy Mother's Day to Maria, Stefani, and Jennifer. All of you kick serious mothering assssss!!!


Jen said...

Don't you love those talented mouths and total head cases? A lot of times great sex (or psuedo sex) means total "WTF" in my head. *sigh*. Hope you can keep your balance, Chica.
Was grad fun?
Love you

Carrie said...

Yeah, I guess it's hard to find someone who is that multicapable. I can't expect everyone to construct cohesive sentences.

I'm not close with anyone graduating, but it's fun to see the hustling that goes on in town.