Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Lazy Blogging

This was taken from an email and barely modified and/or censored to make (kind of?) sense. God, loser! Sorry about that. The bank teller bit was from an email too. What is this blog coming to?...

Interestingly enough, I hate my English professor, and you should too, but he doesn't say "outro" (as in "intro" and "outro"). Only I do. I did it. It was me, in the liberry, with the Molotov cocktail. And now you know. I thought I was making that word up. But I wasn't. And some people are amused, and some people just openly use it. If you're gonna' openly be open. Which I am that too. So open that I call Ken whenevah. I have decided he's a kenundrum. Nary an answer to be found within the context of himselves. I have the greeziest old lady bun on my head, frump pjs, and have seen so many neighbors. Well, two to be exact, and a friend of a neighbor. But I am tatas-a-danglin' and I should always do something to make up for people having to look at my skin, any time I do anything remotely public. Like put on a necklace so they have something else they can focus on. It's just not right, exposing the kind peoples to the horrors of my face, all unadorned and shit. Anyway, gray day. Which yesterday was, and that was fine cuz I had movies to finish, but I didn't need two of them. Ravi Shankar is so entirely, actually playing on my hifi right now. I want something. I don't even know what I want. Well, I mean I do know what I want. Lots of things. But realistically I don't. I want Ken and sun, money, beauty, energy, direction, a band. But what do I want that is part of reality? Like, the inspiration to wash my dishes; that would be a really good plan of direction. I also want some time and space to come between me and the ass I made of myself last night, in my pre-sub-celebrity swooning. Pretty faced wonder boy likely has finals, so I haven't bothered him. I can call at the week's end, but soon thereafter he leaves for NY. Which he said Mira and I were welcome to come out, but that may have been revoked cuz one time I had a mikespace. Not really, he said that he's over that. Be we never really picked up where we left off. He is Moody McGrumpster. But doesn't own it. I don't know if it's pot smoker's syndrome (PSS)? Maybe that is what my mom had? But with Pretty face, throw in the periodic coke binges. Or who knows, maybe they are frequent? Devin forgave me officially, and invited me to a CD release party that I am totally bummed I forgot about and missed. I haven't blogged enough. But I email unreasonable amounts. Mostly to Mira, who I talk unreasonable amounts to already. How can I have that many thoughts? But we do. Marc has never hesitated, or missed an opportunity, to tell me that I think too much. Sometimes 3 or 4 times in one hang out session. "Bitch, if I wanted to hear your thoughts on my thought patterns I'd maybe ask. I haven't asked. Shut the fuck up!" I don't think the organic frozen burrito is going to cut it. My jaw and sinuses and head are all really on strike today. Demanding that I never call Ken again and that I cut out wheat, diary, soy, AND corn. Or any possible allergen ever discussed or written about. Did you know some people are allergic to lady bugs? I might just post some of this shit on my blog.


Jen said...

LOL at the PSS (Pot Smoking Syndrome). Wow, my phone has been suspiciously quiet. Mmmmm. Interesting.
Well, sounds like you're having a grand ole time.
At least it gives you fodder to blog. Have you been cursed too? (The Chinese Curse--"May You Live In Interesting Times".)

Carrie said...

Hmmm, yeah, I guess I could be calling you. I want to. I will. I think I figured your chaos trumped mine and mine would only serve to ad to yours. But thanks for permission. (^_^)