Saturday, September 09, 2006


You were going to call me tonight.
When you were done having dinner with "“friends"”.

What if I wasn'’t taking a bath this evening?
Straightening up my place,
practicing piano,
buying an Edie Brickell song from itunes?

All the while thinking about school reading;
and You.

What if I was adoring another man?
Playing with his balls?

Would that bother you?

I know you could do better.
That isn't the point.

So could I.

I went to your home uninvited.
Your best friend answered my drunken knock.
Door locked.

I couldn't really focus on the lawn adornment.
Pepper plants, bicycle, clothesline, kayak...

Table made by your own affectionate hands.

So I just looked up.
The haze passing by the near-full moon was possibly
the best moment of the evening.

I tried to call first.

Ring. Ring. Ring. Ring. Ring. Ring. Ring. Ring.

I wonder if I stand real still
if I stand a chance?


evercurious said...

what? I would like to know what is behind all this. shoot me an email if you have the time or desire.

Much love!

jenleeland said...

I don't need to know. *sigh* I love you honey.
Hope things are better now. I'm home by the way.